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Best Selling Author/Book Consultant/Lecturer

Angela is the best selling author of TALK WITH ME IN PARADISE, Book 1 of the In Heaven series, THE SHOTOVER - Thames Gold and ASHMORE - The True Story - Book 1 In the Kin and Kingdom's Series. 

ASHMORE takes her UNIQUE READ to a whole new level with its interactive features and has caused a stir around the world.
She is an avid historian and passionate about writing in all genres and working as a ghost-writer and book consultant.
Angela's family and the roles they played in New Zealand's history are on museum walls throughout the North Island. A curator asked to write a book from her families perspective so they could sell it in the shop. That's how Angela's writing journey began.

Ten years of writing/publishing courses and research, led her to Best Seller status and launched a whole new career. She's worked hard to create books that transport her readers back in time so they can experience these historical events for themselves. 

Now Angela is helping others achieve their writing goals as a book consultant and motivational speaker.
Angela previously worked as the NZ Director for Mercy Ships and has since tried numerous adventurous occupations. Flying was one of them. She blames her name for the desire to have wings. Her C.V. looks like someone crossing off their bucket list, but for now, Angela's life revolves around writing, publishing, marketing, consulting and ghostwriting, and being at the beach, (and whenever possible, both at the same time.

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