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Diary of a Kiwi Kid

Diary of a Kiwi Kid

Jack Jondell seems like your typical Year 10 student, hanging out in Gisborne with his mates. But Jack also writes winning speeches in English and Te Reo, while his twin sister Hinemarama writes rap.

Did they inherit this talent for words from Grandma Rosalyn, who was always determined to be published? She joined Junior Writers while still in primary school. He can’t ask her how she did it, because Rosalyn mysteriously disappeared in Bangladesh when she was eighteen. She hasn’t been heard of since.

It isn’t until 2017, forty years later, that Jack gets a chance to understand what sort of person his grandmother was. Sworn to secrecy, he’s handed Rosalyn’s diary from her locked writing desk.

Other mysteries are hinted at as he reads on, firing Jack with the determination to find out more. Especially, what happened to Rosalyn…

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