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Self Publishing Institute NZ

Achive Success Without the Stress

Welcome to the Self Publishing Institute NZ, your pathway to becoming an author. My goal is to simplify the publishing process for you, guaranteeing success without the accompanying stress. Join me in following my straightforward, step-by-step program, the same one I use for publishing my own books.

These six masterclasses encompass everything necessary to craft your book, publish it on Amazon, and acquire the essential book marketing skills

and strategies vital for success.

Masterclass Tiles.jpg
Your Book + Your Unique Business Card that Creates Credibility

Have you been praying for a way to become an authority in your field

by crafting your expertise into a book?

Have you always dreamed of being a published author?

Do you have a story you'd like to share with the world?

Do you have a manuscript, but need help to edit, market,

or create an unforgettable book launch?

Are you a published author already, but want

to keep all your royalties and rights this time round?

Are you struggling to turn your print book into an eBook?

Whatever you need to turn your dream into a reality, you'll find it here.

Follow the steps I take to publish my books and become a best-selling author.

Download the resources that will craft a professional book you can be proud of.

If you're tired of:

  • Dreaming about becoming an author

  • Putting it off until you have more time

  • Think it's too overwhelming to consider

  • Wishing there was an easier way

I have the solution.

Now you can do it right, do it smart, and do it stress-free!

Become a VIP by taking all six masterclasses


Choose the courses that you need to sharpen your skills.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Professional eBook Creation.

  • Editing.

  • Book cover creation.

  • Digital book marketing.

  • Author websites.

  • Book launches.

  • Book trailers.

If you choose the VIP Bundle, you will receive all six trainings, a certificate plus over $1000 of free resources, and I will even give you my Crowdfunding Masterclass for FREE

so you can raise the funds to really create and launch your book in style.

Here are your choices...
Book Creation.png
  1. Creating Front & Back Matter

  2. Formatting your interior

  3. ISBN#'s, Barcodes, QR codes

  4. Getting books into schools & libraries.

  5. Choosing a book title/subtitle.

Masterclass 4.jpeg
  1. Setting Up Your Title on Amazon

  2. Uploading Your Book To KDP

  3. Choosing Prices/Royalties

  4. Ordering Author Copies/Print Proofs

  5. Amazon Marketing Options.

Editing & Book Covers-16-2-23.jpg
  1. How to edit your book

  2. Preparing for your editor

  3. BETA Readers

  4. Book Cover Creation

  5. Author Photos

Tackling Amazon 16-2-23.jpg
  1. Setting up your Amazon account

  2. Author Central

  3. Categories & Keywords

  4. Choosing Prices & Book Launch Date

Digital Book Marketing - 16-2-23.jpg
  1. Social media post creation

  2. Author Marketing Tutorial

  3. Author Websites

  4. Landing Pages & BookFunnels

Book Launches & Book Trailers 16-2-23.jpg
  1. Book Trailer Creation

  2. How to Host a Remarkable Global Book Launch

  3. BONUS - Crowdfunding for Self-Publishing

  4. BONUS - Back-End products

  5. That's a Wrap


By the end of these Masterclasses, you'll have everything you need to go from manuscript to published author.

Imagine celebrating your success at your book launch with family and friends,

watching it go live and climb the charts on Amazon, and seeing your royalties coming in. 

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To learn more and book a call to discuss what option is right for you, click below.

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