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For writers and creatives young and old.

Tauranga, BOP, January 11th 2022. When two women get their heads together, you never know what they’ll come up with, and that's exactly what's been going on over the past few months, right here in Tauranga. Now Angela Curtis and Jenny Argante are introducing the newly-formed social enterprise, the  Self-Publishing Institute New Zealand (SPINZ), created to benefit local writers, artists, and creatives.

SPINZ Masterclasses start 5th of March, under tutor and facilitator Angela’s guidance. Angela is a best-selling author, literary entrepreneur, and digital technology expert. Subjects include all aspects of creating a best-selling book, digital marketing, creating a social media following, and how to produce legendary book trailers. 

Writers will learn about all aspects of becoming a published author; and artists can collaborate on book covers, while videographers learn to create book trailers – and, oh, so much more. SPINZ is also planning to collaborate with creatives in our local tertiary institutes and to encourage local business owners to write a book about their area of expertise, creating the best business card on the planet.


Says Angela, “My motivation is to build a team of creatives who are passionate about writing and publishing high-quality books right here in the Bay of Plenty. We can accomplish so much when we collaborate, encourage each other and celebrate our wins together.” 


“Students won't be taking home a stack of notes and a few good ideas,” she continues. “These unique, up-to-the-minute one-day masterclasses will be held on the first Saturday of each month and are aimed at teaching more about the self-publishing process in New Zealand than any other course available right now.

"By the time they've finished these six one-day courses, they can have a high-quality eBook on Amazon, an author's website, a live, global book launch strategy, a global book launch marketing team, and the necessary digital book marketing skills needed to share their books with the world.”

Angela is known for her courses on Scrivener, ProWritingAid, book trailer creation, and for her books The Shotover – Thames Gold, Ashmore – The True Story 1882, and Talk With Me In Paradise.

To learn more about how SPINZ can help you, or how you can participate as a creative, you can meet up with Angela at the Fringe Festival in the Historic Village, 17th Avenue West, Tauranga South, this Saturday 15th January from 10 am to 5 pm.


Angela will be sharing space with Tauranga’s own word wizard, Jenny Argante, who is happy to help bring out the book in you. She has worked with over 60 writers in the last two decades, helping them find their voice, and is an editor with Red Hen Books.


Robin Lee Robinson will also be joining them, with the launch of her latest YA novel, Trials, and Tribulations of a Talented Teen, completing the trilogy that began with Diary of a Kiwi Kid.

To register your interest click on More Infomation or call the office on 0272778315. 

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