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Births At Sea - Ashmore Curtis

Doctor Knight's Entry - The Ship's Surgeon

Below are the photos I took of the entries in the doctor's diary relating to the birth of Ashmore Curtis on board the ship. My greatgranddad. I have included both photos and transcript from when I did my research of the diary. It took me 3-years to fully understand the magnitude of all they experienced in their journey. What a lot they put up with to immigrate here.

Photo: Angela Curtis

Transcription - Tuesday, Aug 15 1882

I had nearly finished dinner when I was hastily summoned below by the steward & when I arrived found there had been an addition in the population.  A fine boy had been born. I have expected it for some time, as I wanted him to make up for the loss I had at the start. 

Christening At Sea

Photo: Angela Curtis   

Monday August 28th - (100 days from the dock)

This afternoon was held a Grand Christening of the little babe born 14 days ago. The Captain and husband carried the mother up on deck...

Photo: Angela Curtis


... still weak but getting on well. A few friends were invited & parson gave all good advice. I felt greatly honoured by the parents asking me to give it one of my names, so I gave them Alfred & the Captain gave them James they gave it George Henry and Ashmore the name of the ship.

James, Alfred, George, Henry, Ashmore, Curtis.

Good ....... is it not?  (What do you think this blank word is?)

The Captain kindly gave them port and cake which they all enjoyed.

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