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Surviving Hurricanes At Sea

Photo: hurricanesinmybrain/home/about/facts-n-fun

The Ashmore was hit with a deadly hurricane. It happened fast and was so severe it left her broken and drifting for days while they repaired her masts/

To learn about where the hurricane hit the Ashmore on the 6th August, 1882, I used a website where you type in the degrees longitude and latitude and it pinpoints exactly where it is on a world map.of

These were the coordinates as told by Captain Whitmore upon their arrival in Auckland on September 2nd, 1882.

43ºS by 70ºE.

You can find any coordinates in the world here:

I found the coordinates from a newspaper clipping on a website. You can find anything ever written in a newspaper in New Zealand by visiting visit:

Just type in the name or subject with the date range and thousands of clippings that have been scanned, will appear. I have read close to 5,000 so far in my research for the Kin and Kingdoms series.

Actual Newspaper Clipping

(A top-gallant mast and jibboom was carried away on August 6, in 43deg. S and 70deg.E which impeded her progress as it was the 10th before all was repaired and all sail set again).

Coordinates where the hurricane hit the ASHMORE on the World Map

Photo: Angela Curtis

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