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What is a Derrick Crane?

A derrick crane was used on the Ashmore to help winch poor Mrs Welsh on board as her bustles and skirts were too wide to get her up the thin gangway. The wind didn't help as her full skirts were blown upwards, which caused quite a stir amongst both the sailors and the passengers watching her from below.

This was often the case for first-class passengers back in the 1860-1890s.

Image: Wikipedia

Where Did The Name Come From?

Ashmore's derrick crane back in 1882 didn't have a hoisting engine. They hadn't been invented. It was simply a tackle rigged at the end of a beam for hoisting and lowering cargo with ropes off the wharf and into the ship's hull. The name is derived from a famous early 17th-century hangman of Tyburn, in England.

Image: Kashdra Group


Derricks are also used in the petroleum industry, with its framework erected over deep drill holes to support tackle for boring. They have engines to raise and lower the drilling tools in the well and inserts and removes the casing or pipe. These days smaller derricks are often mounted on trucks.

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