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Angela Curtis - Best Selling Author/Course Creator/Publisher



People I met at the beginning of my writing journey asked,

"Why are you doing this?"

Once I hit #1 Best Seller, that question changed to,

"How did you do it?"

So, I founded Kin & Kingdoms Books &

the Self Publishing Institute of NZ to not only share my books,

but to help fellow writers transform their authorial aspirations

into tangible achievements.

In the SHOP you'll find a small array of literary treasures.


you will find details on the online masterclasses

I have created to help others

to find success by publishing their own books.

I also have PROXY-PUBLISHING SERVICES where I do all the work for you,

and turn your dreams of becoming an author into a reality, FAST.

 So, feel free to stay a while and discover the latest books,

read the global 5-star book reviews, and watch the book trailers.

If you'd like to publish your own book,

this is the place where you can discover how you too can become

a best-selling author.

Have an awesome day!


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