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Angela Curtis - Best Selling Author/Course Creator/Publisher


People I met at the beginning of my writing/publishing journey asked,

"Why are you doing this?"

Once I hit #1 Best Seller, that question changed to,

"How did you do it?"

So, I founded Kin & Kingdoms Books

to showcase my books &

the Self Publishing Institute of NZ to help

 fellow writers transform their authorial aspirations

into tangible achievements

with self-paced masterclasses

in all areas of self-publishing.

In the SHOP you'll find a small array of literary treasures.


you will find details on the masterclasses.

I also have proxy-publishing services where I do all the work for you,

and turn your dreams of becoming an author into a reality, fast.

 So, feel free to stay a while and discover the latest books,

and global 5-star book reviews, watch the book trailers,

and discover how you too can become a best-selling author.

Have a blessed day!

Catch the Fire Auckland

Episode 1 Premiere

Snr. Pastor Lynley Allan & Angela Curtis

Join Catch the Fire Auckland Senior Pastor Lynley Allan and Angela Curtis, Founder of Kin & Kingdoms Books, for Episode 1 in an exclusive series of interviews as they explore the compelling narrative of Angela's commissioned work,

delving into the lives of individuals residing in a children's home in central India who experienced a miraculous outpouring of the Holy Spirit as He united Heaven with the Earth.

Angela and Pastor Lynley shed light on the profound impact of these encounters and offer an intimate glimpse into a heartfelt journey that transcends earthly boundaries.


Angela unveils the miraculous stories of over 50 people, recounting their profound encounters with Jesus and His Kingdom.


Gain exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into these powerful testimonies,

promising inspiration, and a deeper understanding of Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

through these life-changing encounters.


Angela also unveils the extraordinary holistic approach she employs

in the creation and publication of her literary best-sellers.

Through a lens that transcends traditional boundaries,

Angela shares insights into a method that marries creativity, mindfulness,

drawing on spiritual resources, and her strategic vision.

Her unique process goes beyond the mere act of writing.


Episode 3 provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a seasoned wordsmith who invites all writing enthusiasts to embrace a transformative paradigm

that produces literary gems.


Experience the weekly series spanning three captivating episodes.

Episode 2 Premiere

Wednesday 28th February @ 7pm.

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