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Catch the Fire - Auckland, New Zealand

Join Catch the Fire Auckland Senior Pastor Lynley Allan and Angela Curtis, Founder of Kin & Kingdoms Books, for the exclusive series of interviews as they explore the compelling narrative of Angela's commissioned work.

Experience the weekly series spanning three captivating episodes.

Episode Premieres 1 - 3

So many people are looking for hope believing there has to be

a different way of life than what they are living.

Is there a God?

Does He care about us?

How can really know?

Where is the proof?

Angela and Pastor Lynley shed light on numerous individuals residing in a children's home in central India who experienced a miraculous outpouring of the Holy Spirit as He united Heaven with the Earth. Interview 1 is about the impact of these encounters and offers an intimate glimpse into a heartfelt journey that transcends earthly boundaries. Angela unveils the miraculous stories of over 50 people, recounting their profound encounters with Jesus and His Kingdom.

In Episode 2 Angela and Lynley discuss book 2 and how not only these experiences continue but how the earth is experiencing the tangible blessings that have been brought to earth. They discuss how all of this is still happening today,

and how the growth and healing of these children is indisputable proof.

Episode 3 provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Angela, a seasoned wordsmith who invites all writing enthusiasts to embrace a transformative paradigm that produces literary gems. Angela also unveils the extraordinary holistic approach she employs in the creation and publication of her literary best-sellers.

Through a lens that transcends traditional boundaries, Angela shares insights

into a method that marries creativity, mindfulness, drawing on

spiritual resources, and her strategic vision. 

Click below to watch:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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