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Petition Against Doctor

Doctor Knight's Diary

during the 103-day voyage from Great Britain to New Zealand in 1882, Doctor Alfred Knight wrote about the petition the passengers brough against him.

Below are the two pages from day 87 and 88 of the journey, on August 16th and 17th, 1882.

Page 119 - Day 87 - August 16th 1882

Photo: Angela Curtis (Original photo)

Page 120 - Day 88 - August 17th 1882

Photo: Angela Curtis (Original photo)

It's not an easy read, but physical proof written with his own hand. When I first started writing the Ashmore, I avoided the offensive and belittling portraits he painted of the passengers and crew. I didn't want to upset any of his descendants. But that wouldn't be the true story. His narration, although uncomplimentary, was an eye-opener and provided the descriptions I needed to truly recount their journey as it happened. Any offence given was truly unintentional. As I say frequently, don't write a diary if you don't want someone to write a book about it. I wonder what he would think if he knew his words have been put in print 130-years later? Without his diary, the Ashmore wouldn't have been written. Thanks Doctor Knight for your blatant honesty and sometimes graphic descriptions.

What became of Doctor Knight?

He went on to become a chief of surgery and played an integral part in establishing St John's Ambulance Service in Auckland. He led an interesting life as you can see in the original obituary from the AUCKLAND STAR, VOLUME LXXVI, ISSUE 252, 24 OCTOBER 1945.

Photo: Papers Past.

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