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Were Your Family Onboard?

ASHMORE Passenger List

The Ashmore was 219 feet long with an extraordinary long forecastle. (The cabins at the front of the ship at deck height). Normally these were for the crew, but it was built as an emigrant ship so she needed berths for all 133 passengers and 46 crew.

She was loaded with merchandise and passengers belongings, including household items,

tools, farming equipment and whatever they needed during the 103-day voyage. 

The doctor whose diary this book is based on was made an officer and paid to work the voyage. He was lodged in a first-class cabin as was the Parson. The first-class cabins were on both sides of the saloon in the back and the Captain's cabin was at the very rear of the ship.

My mother’s maiden name was Hall and her father’s name was Henry, so when I needed a man from the single men’s cabin to interact with the Curtis family, Henry Hall was the perfect fit. You’ll read about his rocky (pun alert) relationship with Lillie in the Ashmore. 

When reading through the list, I was amazed at how many of our family surnames were mentioned. On the Cressy, another ship that landed in 1867, both sides of our family were represented.

Did any of your families come over with ours? It's surprising how the world gets smaller the further we look backwards.

Check the list out.

Photo: Angela Curtis

If your family were on the ship, get in contact with me.

You won't be the only one. I've had others and it's so exciting to connect.

Thanks for reading and watching my BLINK.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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