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COMING SOON - Eiffel Tower Intrigue

COMING SOON - Eiffel Tower Intrigue

Step into an Evening of Intrigue With Our Meticulously Crafted Murder Mystery Party Experience!


Transform your dinner table into a themed scene and dress up in costume for a night of laughter and suspense. Whether you're a seasoned sleuth or a newcomer to mystery-solving, this game offers an interactive and unforgettable experience with friends.


Each character receives a script or can improvise for a fun-filled evening. Our download pack includes invitations, a host guide with clear instructions, 14 character options (You can play with 4-14 players), dining suggestions including French cuisine and desserts, cheese platters, drinks, costume ideas, character descriptions, prize ideas, a monthly planner sheet, Spotify playlist for ambiance, and name tags & place setting cards. Get ready for a night like no other!



In the download pack you will receive everything you need to make it easy, plus some great perks no one else is offering!!


  • Invitations (printable & fillable so you can send them online, even on your phone).
  • Host Guide with clear instructions on everything you need to make your night spectacular.
  • 14 Characters to choose from. You can play with 4-14 players.
  • Dinning Suggestions for:
  1. French Cuisine
  2. French Desserts
  3. Fromage Platters
  4. Drinks & Aperitifs
  • Costume Suggestions
  • Character Discriptions
  • Prize Ideas
  • Monthly Planner Sheet
  • Spotify Playlist - hours of music to help you set the scene.
  • Name Tags & Place Setting Cards
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